Oct 8/17 – John 2:18-25 – Jesus is Our Connection to God

Summary: Most of us function as self-guided beings most of the time. But all of us face circumstances in life that overwhelm us. Jesus invites us to let him be the ultimate authority in our lives so he can protect and bless us as we go through life together with him.

Core Idea: Jesus’ resurrection shows us that he can turn our lives around.

Intro: Taking garbage to the transfer station

  1. The demand of the Jewish leaders (John 2:18)
    1. The Jewish leaders demand that Jesus tell them what _______________ he has to chase all the merchants out of the Temple area.
    2. The Jewish leaders ask Jesus for a miraculous _______________ to show that he has authority from God to do what he did
    3. We have lost our connection with God as the ultimate authority over all things, including our day-to-day life. Because that has happened, we have lost our regard for truth and our _______________ for each other.
      1. Illustration: A driver’s reaction after a motorcycle collided with her car.
      2. God is inviting us to give him authority over our lives so he can protect and _______________ us.
    4. Jesus responds
      1. Jesus’ answer to the demand of the Jewish leaders (John 2:19-20)
        1. Confusion over Jesus’ answer
        2. Words sometimes have a double meaning: a surface meaning; and a _______________ meaning which leads us to a greater understanding about life with God and his love.
      2. The explanation of Jesus’ answer (John 2:21-22)
        1. People used to go the _______________ to meet with God
        2. Since Jesus has come to save us, he is now the _______________ that people meet with God.
  • Jesus wants to give us a beautiful life
    1. The best life is a life where we know that God loves us and is _______________ us.
    2. The fact that Jesus rose from the dead is the proof that Jesus loves us, is with us and gives us _______________
    3. So we give Jesus _______________ over our lives.

Conclusion: Jesus always loves us, he is always with us and he knows and wants what is best for us in the long run. And that is something for which we can be truly _______________.

Application question: What is one area of your life that you need to give to Jesus and let him have authority over it?



Oct 1/17 – John 2:13-17 – Anger Over Restricted Access to God

Summary: We get angry about many things, but usually we are angry because things are not turning out the way we want. The problem is not with our anger. The problem is with our desires. Jesus fought to give us what we really need, free access to God.

Core Idea: Jesus fought to give you free access to God.

Intro: Having an anger problem

I. Jesus travels to Jerusalem

A. Jesus travels to Jerusalem for _______________ (John 2:13)

B. Jesus sees the _______________ in the Temple area (John 2:14)

1. They were set up in the Court of the _______________

2. The problem was not the services, but the _______________.

3. They were creating a _______________ to other people coming to God.

II. Jesus’ response (John 2:15-16)

A. Why was Jesus angry? Jesus came to earth to give all people free and open _______________ to God through him.

B. God’s own people were choosing what was most _______________ for them instead of what was best for those outside of the family of God.

C. This is something that we all do.

1. We get angry because our values are centred on _______________.

2. Jesus got angry because people were blocking what others needed most: a living relationship with a loving _______________.

III. Jesus passion for God’s house (John 2:17)

A. A house usually means a building

B. A house can also mean a _______________ (Luke 2:4)

C. Jesus’ passion for God’s house led him to the cross

1. There Jesus willingly suffered and died to pay the cost of forgiveness for all the _______________ of the whole world

2. Jesus removed the barrier between God and people. Now everyone and anyone can have free access to God through _______________.

Conclusion: We chose to inconvenience _______________ so that other have free access to God and we welcome all people of all ages and backgrounds into God’s _______________.